LOKIA Culture

The LOKIA spirit is about having the desire to create relationships based on trust while offering unique living spaces for seniors.
The beating heart of the company is our team of amazing humans who build warm and authentic ties with our clients.


Our residents are the heart and soul of LOKIA

At LOKIA, our raison d’être is to provide a living space that meets the needs of each resident. As LOKIA members, it is our duty to ensure their happiness and well-being.

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Our values

What we care about


At LOKIA, respect goes beyond politeness and courtesy. It’s about staying open-minded and communicating respectfully to foster harmony.


Empathy is the ability to understand others while maintaining a kind and forgiving attitude. We ensure the well-being of our teams, in their day-to-day lives at LOKIA.

Positive attitude

We encourage a positive attitude, a mindset and a way of being that create a more stimulating daily life and more motivated members. We encourage people to take initiative and pursue personal development.


“Excellence” refers to an ongoing attempt to improve and go beyond expectations. Across departments, we work cohesively to provide a pleasant living environment for our seniors.


Here, people are at the core of everything we do

At LOKIA, every member is an integral part of the family. We understand that you have ambitions, motivations and fears. We are here to listen to you and offer you the right position, to make you feel at home.

An Inclusive Environment

In my years of work, I felt that elderly people deserved to be treated with more care. With LOKIA, I wanted to address these gaps in the care we provide to seniors. From that starting point, we then built a range of services that are both generous and tailored to their reality.

Dr. Guy Tremblay
Founder and CEO

LOKIA Advantages

What it means to be in our family

At LOKIA we care about your well-being, which is why we offer a wide range of benefits to our members!


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