Career Opportunities

What if you were the missing piece to complete our winning team?

Our team is growing! As we strive to improve our services for seniors, we need to continue optimizing our resources. At LOKIA, this means having the potential to evolve.

Training Program

At LOKIA, we provide the tools and the people to help you grow. You will have ample opportunities, including access to training sessions through our program. It covers a range of topics like your role in the workplace, and even includes soft skills.

Life at LOKIA

The Dragonfly: Our Emblem

Did you know that the word LOKIA means “dragonfly” in Latin?

At LOKIA, the dragonfly represents progress, dynamism, and the future. The colours are meant to convey a community that is warm, diverse, and full of life. The dragonfly symbolizes change and joy. It reminds us that life involves movement, adaptation, and a need for space.

Does that resonate with you?

Diversity and Inclusion

A healthy and inclusive workplace

For LOKIA, diversity fosters the development of deeply human values like empathy and open-mindedness. It is important to establish teams that can represent our diverse communities.

Top international employer

We employ over 180 international employees. These employees received a warm welcome from each of the communities in which our residences operate.

Developing a diverse talent pool, for the next generation

We firmly believe that each individual has the skills and qualities needed for professional growth. That’s why we are supporting our current members as they grow within the company and are welcoming more and more new LOKIA members.

Strengthening our inclusive organizational culture

At LOKIA, every employee should feel welcome. We have developed a rigorous onboarding and integration process to ensure that each new employee is equipped with the tools they need to succeed.

Your talent. Your career.

There is a fit for every talent at LOKIA. Diversified career prospects that work for you!

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